Call of Duty: Vanguard PS5 Keyboard And Mouse: How To Use KBM on Vanguard PS5

With the imminent release of Call of Duty Vanguard, players are inevitably wondering whether Call of Duty: Vanguard PS5 keyboard and mouse controls might give them an edge when it comes to playing. This is just as true for PlayStation gamers, as it is for anyone else.

So today, we'll tell you all about how to use a keyboard and mouse on the PS5, in order to play Vanguard. We've looked previously at the benefits of playing via KBM vs a joypad. But just for kicks, we'll remind you why people might prefer KBM over DualSense on the PS5.

How To Use KBM on Vanguard PS5

Vanguard will support native KBM on PS5, so the great news is that this doesn't require a complicated fudge to make it work:

  • Use the USB ports on your PS5 to connect your keyboard and mouse to the console. You can connect to either the front or rear ports.
  • Once the keyboard and mouse are connected, you'll see an icon appear on your Home Screen to let you know. You can't use them on your Home Screen as easily as your DualSense controller though.
  • Next, load up COD Vanguard.
  • After the game has loaded, navigate to settings > controller > input device.
  • From here, you can choose which input device you want to use, and set it to KBM. You have further options on the tabs at the top, to customise your controller settings.
Call of Duty: Vanguard PS5 Keyboard And Mouse
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Then you'll be ready to go! But why go to the trouble of using KBM in the first place?

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Why use Call of Duty: Vanguard keyboard and mouse controls?

While there is always an element of personal preference when it comes to your controller of choice, there are definitely some benefits to choosing KBM over a joypad. Most significantly, a controller tends to have a slower input than a keyboard. KBM also tends to lend itself to greater accuracy than a controller will.

This matters when you're playing in online matches, far more than it does in single player mode. But if you are using a joypad, and your opponents are using KBM, this can offer them some advantages in terms of input speed and accuracy, particularly with long-range weapons.

While in theory cross-play allows you to compete against anyone, the reality is that for many players on joypads, they will not want to compete against KBM players. Whether you will be able to specify input methods when searching for a lobby, remains to be seen.

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