Andrew Garfield swiftly shuts down Amazing Spider-Man 3 rumours

At this point, the inclusion of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man: No Way Home is inescapable. If the horde of pre-release rumours and leaks didn't let it slip, the barrage of online spoilers has probably ruined the surprise.

Following the release of No Way Home, fans instantly craved more of Garfield's Peter Parker. While The Amazing Spider-Man movies ended with a shockingly rough sequel, Garfield Still shone in the role. So much so that fans are being Marvel to give the actor a second chance.

Andrew Garfield speaks out on Amazing Spider-Man 3 rumours

Reported by CBM, Andrew Garfield has discussed the rumours surrounding his return to the role. After the release of No Way Home, multiple outlets reported that Sony was looking at creating a new movie with Garfield’s Parker.

However, those reports appear to be largely unfounded. The major piece of evidence towards the movie revolves around Garfield’s stunt double William Spencer calling No Way Home “TASM3”. The stunt performer has since stated that he knows “nothing about any new Spider-Man movie” with the actor.

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Following the rabid behaviour of the Spidey fanbase taking The Amazing Spider-Man 3 as fact, Andrew Garfield has come out to deny the rumours. Just like with No Way Home — which was denial for NDA’s sake — the actor stated that he “ain't got a call”.

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What could The Amazing Spider-Man 3 entail?

The release of No Way Home was seen as The Amazing Spider-Man 3 that fans never got. If the Garfield franchise was to continue, the third entry was supposed to revolve around the Sinister Six. Of course, that's exactly what happened with No Way Home.

Then again, there's a load of space for Garfield’s Peter Parker to explore Sony's weird slightly-connected Cinematic Universe. For example, Sony is planning a crossover between Venom and Spider-Man. On the other hand, Venom has already been thrust in the MCU where Tom Holland's Spidey resides.

Of course, Sony's insistence on pushing their movies into the MCU appears to have muddied Garfield’s chance of actually returning.

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