Marvel’s Werewolf by Night was planned to be R-Rated, still incredibly violent

Marvel’s Werewolf by Night was one of the more exciting projects announced at D23 and it’s coming out fairly soon. Despite not being an R-rated project from Marvel Studios, it is expected to be their most violent one to date.

Considering the violence in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we’re curious about how much bloodier this special is. For the sake of campy Halloween fun, we hope it's really gory, especially since it's already in black and white.

Werewolf by Night will have TV-14 violence

Michael Giacchino, the director of Werewolf by Night, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about expecting the special to be TV-MA. Surprisingly, the movie ended up being TV-14 despite the blood and gore, likely due to it being black and white.

“You know what? Maybe. You could be right. I’m not sure. We had always assumed it would be TV-MA, but I wasn’t always involved with what was happening on that end in terms of ratings and all of that,” Giacchino reveals. “And so I’m not sure, but I am sure you are absolutely right that the black and white did help keep us within a certain range.”

Though the D23 teaser didn’t reveal too much, this tribute to older gory horror movies has many MCU fans excited. We hope that the titular werewolf ends up tearing some of these people to shreds and it should look awesome.

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How violent is it?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had Black Bolt’s head being crushed and Mr. Fantastic being torn up before his head exploded. Werewolf by Night will have to do a lot to surpass that violence, though we’re sure Giacchino is up to the challenge.

Hopefully, we get more experimental romps like this from Marvel, as it keeps their film lineup fresh and very exciting. More events like Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars are coming so it’s best to have weird projects like this once in a while.

Werewolf by Night is scheduled for an October 7 release on the Disney+ streaming service.

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