Sundance VR Film Festival could be an integral stepping stone for post-COVID events

The prestigious Sundance Film Festival cancelled all in-person festivities last year as the coronavirus spread the Earth. For four decades, the beloved event has been held in Park City, Utah. However, the event was instead moved to an online, virtual reality platform instead.

This year, the Sundance Film Festival will be returning to Park City. But despite the event's return to in-person celebrations, last year's VR events aren't going away. In fact, they're going to be an integral part of the event’s future.

Sundance VR and the Post-COVID event

The 2022 Sundance Film Festival aims to combine its real and digital audiences in Park City. This will be done through a “Biodigital Bridge”, a human-sized screen that will allow real and digital attendees to interact.

Developed by Active Theory, the Biodigital Bridge is a fantastic, accessible tool for online attendees. While the new feature will only have basic chat functionality, it will allow online attendees to have a peek into the real event.

In the future, this technology could be expanded to be even more immersive. With bigger biodigital screens, virtual rooms could eventually be laid side-by-side with real rooms. This would allow full rooms of digital avatars to interact at a barrier with real attendees.

Additionally, full VR areas will continue the experience. Three dedicated areas — The Spaceship, The Craft and The Egyptian Theatre — all over immersive digital experiences. Even if you can't attend in person, you can still have a nice time.

Sundance Film Festival VR
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The future of events

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality has long been pitched at the future of events. From virtual concerts to football matches, the technology has been used to bring distant fans to far away events. However, it still hasn't paid off all that well.

Nevertheless, the technology is slowly growing traction with devices such as the Oculus Quest. Furthermore, the upcoming Metaverse will be a massive cause for virtual reality to grow even further. With the Metaverse’s mixed reality foundations, these types of events will only become more common in the future.

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