Pokémon Go platform is used to hunt bitcoin in Fold's "real-world metaverse"

Pokémon Go developer Niantic has used its platform for a number of video game spin-offs. Starting with Ingress in 2012, the location-based software that powers Niantic's library has been used in everything from Harry Potter to Transformers.

However, the game developer's platform has never been used for cryptocurrency, but there's a first for everything. After partnering with financial company Fold, the company is beginning its foray into the world of bitcoin.

Fold AR partners to Pokemon Go developer to mine bitcoin

Niantic’s cryptocurrency adventure starts with Fold AR. Loosely based around the structure of Pokémon Go, the mobile game will see players walking around to hunt bitcoin. Well,  kinda hunt bitcoin.

In actuality, players will scour the world for digital cubes. Once found, players can open cubes to gain digital prizes. These prices include in-game power ups and Satoshis — a very small cryptocurrency worth a tiny fraction of a penny.

Additionally, cubes can hold tickets for the main Fold ecosystem. These tickets will allow you to perform wheel spins to attempt to win proper cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. However, winning cryptocurrency isn't guaranteed.

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How does Fold AR work?

Despite using the Pokemon Go platform, Fold AR isn't structured like the beloved mobile game at all. For example, PokéStops and Gyms are completely gone; so are the cute monsters. Instead, everything is completely random.

Instead of actively going out to hunt things you want , Fold AR will simply spawn a block every ten minutes. These blocks can be anywhere from 10 to 50 feet away. The player will then need to walk to the block to nab it.

The “play to earn” nature could be interesting to those into cryptocurrency despite its environmental effects. However, as a video game, it sounds incredibly vapid. The gamification of walking has been done well in the past, but Fold’s feels half-baked and incredibly boring.

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