New Google AR glasses translate speech in real-time

We’re all still waiting for that next major step in AR development, with most people thinking of Pokemon GO as the peak. However, Google looks set to fix this with the announcement of new Google AR glasses that can translate speech in real-time.

Google is no stranger to AR glasses. As many will remember, the company previously to bring the technology to market in 2013 with Google Glass. Considering how most of you are likely looking up what Google Glass is, it definitely did not take off.

What are Google AR glasses?

Right at the end of Google’s I/O presentation, the company's potentially groundbreaking AR glasses were revealed. Similar to Facebook's plans for an AR Universal Speech Translator, the technology could be a revolutionary way of helping people communicate outside.

In a short demo, the company showed a foreign language getting subtitles in real-time through the aforementioned AR glasses while someone was talking. Unsurprisingly, this is now the talk of the tech town, and rightfully so.

No release date was revealed for the Google AR glasses. With every AR company seemingly years away from a commercial product, this is understandable. With this in mind, it's fair to presume that there’s plenty of tinkering that needs to be done.

Considering how most of us are viewing real-time speech translation as futuristic, Google will need to work extra hard to make these a success. Hopefully, it turns out better than Google Glass.

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An AR world

Google has high hopes for AR technology as CEO Sundar Pichai talked up the possibilities on a Google blog. Pichai pointed out how they implement AR into a number of their products and says the “real magic” will come “when you can use [AR capabilities] in the real world without the technology getting in the way.”

Realizing how AR can actually affect the things that matter, Pichai is fairly excited about the potential this technology brings. Breaking down the language barrier with these glasses is a very positive first step in that direction and we’re curious to see what else the company has planned.

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