Apple isn't remotely interested in The Metaverse

As Meta, Tencent and even South Korea are attempting to bring the science fiction concept of The Metaverse to life. Virtual reality technology is a key focus for the concept’s actualization, an area that iPhone developer Apple is looking to enter.

The upcoming Apple Mixed Reality platform was expected to be designed purely to capitalise on Metaverse technology. However, it seems that the iPhone company has no interest in pursuing the virtual world.

Apple says “No” to The Metaverse

Reported by Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman, Apple isn't looking to participate in the Metaverse race. While other massive companies are getting involved in Metaverses, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the iPhone company is remarkably absent.

Gurman explained that the Metaverse is completely “off limits” to the company. Companies like Meta want work, play, relaxation and the rest of daily life to be done inside mixed reality. Apple’s design philosophy doesn't support that.

“The idea of a virtual world where users can escape to — like they can in Meta Platforms/Facebook's vision of the future — is off limits,” Gurman said. However, “executives... at the highest levels of the company... have pushed for the virtual reality. Gadget to not be an all day device.”

Instead, executives want a user-friendly device designed for quick bursts. The company believes that these “bursts of gaming, communication and content consumption” are key to the platform’s success. At least in the early stage.

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Betting everything on Augmented Reality

However, that doesn't mean the company isn't interested in creating an all day device. It just won't be one designed around virtual reality experiences. Instead, that job will be the duty of the company's in-development Augmented Reality headset.

“The augmented-reality headset is Apple's real priority,“ Gurman explained. “It can be worn all day and, naturally, not take anyone out of their real environment.”

While companies like Meta are trying to push everything in virtual space, companies like Apple are thinking the opposite. Instead, the company wishes to use technology to enhance reality instead of erasing it — a concept that still isn't popular.

However, augmented enhancements are certainly more user friendly than virtual worlds with their own economies. Especially when virtual real estate is already encroaching upon real property values. Of course, which version succeeds is all to consumers.

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