Zoom error code 3160 - How to fix Zoom meeting error

Zoom error code 3160 - How to fix Zoom meeting error | Zoom blue logo in black backgroud

Zoom error code 3160 - How to fix Zoom meeting error | Zoom blue logo in black backgroud

Are you facing a Zoom error code 3160 when you attempt to join/start a meeting?

Zoom is an online collaboration platform that has become extremely popular in recent years, particularly during the pandemic. It allows users to conduct meetings and collaborate with each other irrespective of their geographical boundaries.

As good as it is, it does come with a few issues and the most common one being the error code 3160. Fortunately, there is a solution for Zoom error code 3160 and we're going to share it with you.

How to fix Zoom error code 3160

If you are reading this, the chances are you are trying to start/join a Zoom meeting but the annoying error code 3160 is preventing you from doing so. There is nothing more frustrating than that, especially if the meeting is something you cannot miss.

Well, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Thankfully, the team at Zoom has provided a solution to the problem. To fix Zoom error code 3160, use Zoom for Chrome PWA instead of the Zoom app you are currently using.

If the issue persists, submit a request to Zoom Support for troubleshooting assistance. When reporting the issue, mention the following: what operating system you are using, what you were doing when you received this error, Meeting ID, if in a meeting or trying to join/start a meeting.

What is Zoom error code 3160?

The error code 3160 will pop up on your computer screen when you attempt to join a meeting. It can also happen while trying to log in.

If you're receiving the Zoom error code 3160, this means that you are attempting to sign in to Zoom using the unsupported ChromeOS Zoom application.

In case you aren't aware, Google/Chrome ended support for Chrome Apps on Chrome OS for all customers beginning in June 2022. Therefore, if you are still using the ChromeOS application, it is inevitable to face this error.

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