YouTube Auto Pause: How To Stop YouTube From Pausing

YouTube Auto Pause: How To Stop YouTube From Pausing

YouTube Auto Pause: How To Stop YouTube From Pausing

If you want to turn off YouTube Auto Pause and stop YouTube from pausing videos, there are a few ways to do it.

You probably have a YouTube music playlist that you like to play in the background while you work on your PC or do some household chores. There you are, in the zone, humming to your favourite songs and doing stuff, and then suddenly the music dies. Or rather YouTube auto pauses your playlist to check if you're still listening.

We can agree that it's not only annoying but also interferes with our focus. However, it's less frustrating than the YouTube watch history not updating bug. Fortunately, there is a workaround for this problem.

How To Stop YouTube From Pausing On PC

The YouTube auto-pause feature is not an opt-out feature. In other words, this feature is enabled by default and users cannot disable it. There are no in-app settings that you can tweak or turn off to stop YouTube auto pause. But, fret not! There are ways to stop YouTube from pausing. Here's how.

  1. Install the AutoTube extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  1. Open the extension and disable the Shuffle playlist option(if you wish to), as it is enabled by default.
  2. Enjoy the uninterrupted music.

Youtube Auto Pause Blocker is another alternative that you can try. Just install this extension and do nothing else. It will block YouTube from pausing in the middle of your playlist. So, in short, if you wish to turn off YouTube auto-pause, here's how you can do so.

Of course, this is an unofficial workaround to stop YouTube from pausing. Until any official features from YouTube come in that can override this YouTube Auto-Pause, there are few other alternatives.

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing Itself?

There is no point in keeping playing the video if there is no one watching. It is just a waste of resources for YouTube and data for you. Therefore, YouTube automatically pauses video playback if you’ve been inactive for a while as a video plays.

It’s similar to the Netflix “Are You Still Watching?” feature and it helps YouTube not waste its always in-demand resources (servers) on a client who isn't seemingly watching the video.

Typically, YouTube pauses the playback when it notices that you haven’t interacted with your screen in a long time - usually after 1 hour. You will see a pop-up box saying "Video Paused. Continue Watching?" when YouTube does this annoying thing.

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