Will there be an ITV Hub app on Xbox Series X/S, and how will players get it?

Confirmation of the Launch Date for the new Xbox consoles are great, but what about ITV Hub?

by Daryl Baxter
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ITV has been the home of Emmerdale, Coronation Street, and most recently, Love Island. If you’re reading this from the UK, you will most likely recognise all three of those names.

But lately, there’s been a growing demand to avoid the ads of normal television and to watch shows on their terms, not by a TV Guide, which is why on-demand apps have exploded.

They’ve also extended to smartphones, tablets and consoles. With the next-gen consoles now available, many making the jump are wondering what on-demand services they can tune into.

With that, let’s see if ITV Hub is available on the Xbox Series X.

Is ITV Hub app on the Xbox Series X?

Yes, you can use the ITV Hub application on the Xbox Series X/S consoles.

While Xbox did not name the ITV Hub in its list of confirmed media applications prior to the Series X’s launch, this was to expected given the global reach of the Xbox brand compared to ITV’s national reach in the UK.

Xbox previously announced that just like its Xbox One games that work with backwards compatibility, “our favorite entertainment apps you enjoy today on Xbox One will be available on Xbox Series X and Series S” from November 10.

Given the ITV Hub application launched onto the Xbox One in 2017, this collection of apps includes the ITV Hub.

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How can you download ITV Hub on Xbox Series X?

With the UI and the store are already a fork of the previous Xbox experience from Xbox One, ITV Hub will be available from the Microsoft Store on the Xbox Series X/S, which now loads faster than ever before.

From here, you can download ITV Hub, which takes up a measly 197 KB of space.

Aside from the Store, the upgraded Series X User Interface has introduced an Entertainment block, similar to the Movies and TV Hub on the PlayStation 4. This can be pinned to your Home menu, and will “showcase the latest content in movies, TV, and music across popular entertainment apps.”

This means that if the latest episode of Coronation Street explodes in popularity, it will be accessible from the Entertainment hub.

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Daryl Baxter