Will there be a Now TV app on PS5, and how will players get it?

You may know right away what the Now TV app is, but many aren’t aware that it’s an app owned and maintained by Sky.

It’s a service that you can pay separately to watch content from Sky’s catalogue, and even ‘passes’ to watch some of their channels. There’s even a dedicated box, similar to Amazon’s Fire Stick.

But the app has been appearing on iOS devices, LG and Samsung Smart Televisions, Chromecasts and even more. But with the consoles, it’s seen a release on current-gen consoles.

As it’s still on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, let’s see whether the app will see an appearance on the PlayStation 5.

Has a Now TV app been confirmed?

Back when Now TV was announced for the PlayStation 4, it was seven months after the launch of that console that we saw the app appear.

It seems that Now TV's PS5 app may be following the same trajectory, after numerous British TV services were not listed by Sony as coming to the PlayStation 5 at launch, including BBC iPlayer and Now TV. Both of them seem to be missing from the console, for now at least.

However, we're still confident that Now TV will eventually make its way onto the next-gen console, albeit at a later date than we first anticipated. We'd recommend holding onto your PS4 to use as a media hub for now.

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How will the app be able to be downloaded?

Unlike in previous generations, you'll no longer need to navigate through the PS Store to download media applications such as Now TV, when it does launch.

Instead, a new Media space, integrated within the PlayStation UI, allows you to navigate between your desired media and streaming applications, while using the new Control Centre to skip between apps, shows and music.

So once the Now TV app does arrive on the PS5 console, it should be pretty easy to find!

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