Will there be a BBC iPlayer app on PS5, and how will players get it?

Ever since its debut in 2007 with the Doctor Who episode ‘Voyage of the Dammed’, the BBC iPlayer app has been the go-to in catching up the many programmes that the broadcaster has been providing. From MasterChef to Life on Mars, there’s plenty that you could easily lose a weekend to with the app.

As you start to complete Spider-Man: Miles Moralesor those addictive Astros Playground speedruns, you might want to experience something a bit more relaxing, such as an episode of Strictly Come Dancing.

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However, while it's available to download on pretty much every device going, iPlayer's situation on the PS5 is more complicated...

UPDATE: BBC breaks its silence on missing PS5 app

Stealth Optional reached out to the BBC to ask about the lack of an iPlayer app on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, and the Beeb came back to us promptly with a quote to share.

A BBC spokesperson said, "Both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that some apps, including BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds, aren’t available yet on the newly released PlayStation and Xbox consoles."

The spokesperson added, "We are keen to bring them to the new consoles and are continuing to work with both Sony and Microsoft to add it as soon as possible."

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There is currently no BBC iPlayer app on PS5

Many expected to be able to watch their favourite EastEnders episodes on their PS5 when it launched in the UK on November 19 (one week after the US), but unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is not yet available on the next-gen console.

It is worth remembering that there were a lot of delays regarding the Xbox One version of iPlayer. It took a year after the console launched that it was available to download. But it was available on the launch of PlayStation 4.

It wasn’t until 2018 that a 4K mode was released to the app, enabling many to watch World Cup matches in that resolution for PS4 Pro owners.

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How can iPlayer be downloaded?

When BBC iPlayer eventually makes its way onto the PS5, you'll no longer need to navigate through the PS Store, now integrated in the new PlayStation 5 User Interface.

Instead, you'll use the new Media space to navigate between and install your desired streaming or media apps, all while using the new Control Centre to skip between apps, shows, or music much easier than before.

When you first boot up your PS5, it prompts you to download a selection of media application, including Netflix, but given BBC iPlayer's regionality, we doubt it will ever make its way into this collection...

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