What is Snapchat Plus used for?

What is Snapchat plus used for Snapchat+ logo

What is Snapchat plus used for Snapchat+ logo

One of the greatest things about social apps is letting you keep in touch with friends and people on the net and, also, for free. But, sometimes, you might want to pay a little extra to have some more in-depth features. Then, we are here to answer your question: what is Snapchat Plus used for?

This is a service that was recently launched for the app and has had people talking, wondering if it makes sense to subscribe and access those extra features. What does it include and is it worth it?

We are here to address all your questions, so let's take a look at what Snapchat Plus is used for and find out if is it worth that extra money.

What is Snapchat Plus used for?

Snapchat Plus is a monthly paid subscription service, launched in August of 2022, which allows you to access some interesting extra features in the app. Let's take a look at them to see if they might be for you.

  • Ghost trails on the map: this allows you to see where friends have been on the map in the last 24 hours;
  • Best friends forever: you can pin a friend as your BFF to easily access them whenever you want;
  • Story rewatch count: you can see, by clicking on the eyes icon, how many times your story has been reposted by users;
  • Custom icons: you can select from a selection of icons to change the look of the app;
  • Snapchat+ badge: you can show off to friends and strangers alike that you're a member;
  • Snapchat Plus planets: this allows you to see how "close" you are to someone, using a sort of planetary map;
  • Snapchat for Web: this allows you to use Snapchat on PC. This feature is no longer exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers;
  • Priority Story replies: your own replies to Community Stories will have a higher chance of being seen and responded to;
  • Post View Emojis: possibility to select an emoji to show your friends, next to your name, after viewing a Snap you have sent to them;
  • Bitmoji Backgrounds: exclusive backgrounds to select for your character;
  • Story Timer: choose when your stories expire (up to one week);
  • Capturing Color: change the border of the camera colour when recording snaps;
  • Custom Notification Sounds: select a custom sound for specific friends;
  • Friend Snapscore Change: click on a friend's profile to see how much their Snapscore has changed since your last visit;
  • Chat Wallpapers: modify the backgrounds of each chat you have opened;
  • Custom Capture Buttons: change the appearance of the capture button;
  • Gift Snapchat+: gift the service to friends who aren't subscribed yet.

While some of the extra features, like the badge or app icons, are just a little extra, the others might definitely be interesting if you spend a lot of time using Snapchat.

How do you subscribe to Snapchat+?

Just a few quick and easy steps if you want to use this extra service:

  • Open the app, tap your profile icon in the top-left corner;
  • You will see a banner below your name, tap it. If you don't see it, then the service is not available to you right now;
  • Select how long you want your subscription to be: a single month, six months, or a year. It is possible to try it for free for 7 days as well;
  • Payment options will depend on what device you're using. You can choose between Apple ID, Google account, debit or credit card.

It is definitely quick and simple to sign up for the service and you can also try it for free, so you can check if it suits your Snapchat needs.

If you're looking to get more out of the app, without having to pay, you might also want to check out our guides on how to unlock a Snapchat account and how to recover a deleted account.

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