What does unblurred on BeReal mean?

What does unblurred on BeReal mean?

What does unblurred on BeReal mean?

If you're wondering what unblurred means on BeReal, this guide is for you!

Recently, BeReal has introduced several new features in order to stay relevant. The ability to add music to your BeReal and the opportunity to post a second BeReal are some noteworthy examples. The newly added "unblur" function is the latest to join this roster of updates.

In this article, we'll go over what it means when one of your posts has been unblurred by your friends on BeReal. While you are here, why don't you check out the Bereal time for today?

What does unblurred mean on BeReal?

Unblurred on BeReal means that a friend has viewed your post without having posted one themselves.

Previously, it was not possible to see BeReal without posting, but now the app is testing out a new feature that allows users to view their friends' posts even if they haven't posted a BeReal themselves.

Initially, it was possible to "unblur" 100 posts on BeReal per day. But BeReal has now reduced the unblur limit from 100 to 10. However, some users only have the ability to unblur 2 BeReal posts per day. The BeReal unblur limit depends on the number of friends you have, it seems.

It is worth mentioning that when a user unblurs someone's post, the app alerts the post's owner, similar to the way BeReal notifies screenshots.

BeReal users are not happy with the new unblur feature

The recent introduction of the "unblur" feature on BeReal has sparked a degree of controversy among its user base, as many feel it contradicts the very essence of the platform.

BeReal was established with the intention to foster a sense of authenticity and communal sharing - a social media platform where everyone participates equally.

The requirement to post your own BeReal in order to view others was a fundamental part of this ethos. It guaranteed that everyone was an active participant.

The new "unblur" feature, however, appears to disrupt this balance. By enabling users to view posts without sharing their own, it shifts the platform towards a more passive consumption model.

Many users have voiced their dissatisfaction, expressing concerns that BeReal is losing its unique identity and becoming more akin to other social media platforms, where passive scrolling and voyeurism are prevalent.

BeReal has yet to make an official announcement regarding the testing of the "unblur" feature. However, considering the feedback received from the users, it seems probable that they may reconsider its implementation.

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