What does the lightning bolt icon mean on BeReal?

What does the lightning bolt icon mean on BeReal?

What does the lightning bolt icon mean on BeReal?

BeReal is one of many social media apps available today. While you're navigating your way through BeReal, you may notice a lightning bolt icon showing up on your screen.

This lightning bolt can appear while taking pictures, or when you're viewing another user's photos. Taking photos on BeReal is fairly intuitive, but you may be wondering what these little lightning bolts do.

In this article, we'll find out what these icons mean and how to use them.

What does the lightning bolt icon mean on BeReal?

There are two instances where you can find a lightning bolt icon on your screen in BeReal. One of them is while you're taking a picture while the other is when you're viewing a friend's photo.

In the first instance, the lightning bolt icon means a flashlight on BeReal. You can tap on the lightning bolt icon to turn on your flashlight while taking a photo, so you can have better lighting in the photos you take.

For the second scenario, the lightning bolt icon means Realmojis on BeReal. Tapping on the lightning bolt icon will open your camera for a BeReal emoji or Realmoji. This is a BeReal feature that lets you take photos of your reactions to other people's photos. Think of it as using emojis with your actual face.

How does BeReal work?

BeReal is not just another typical social media app where you can share your photos. On this platform, you can only share one photo a day, and the app sort of decides what photo you can take.

The app will send you a notification telling you to take a picture of yourself and your surroundings and upload it within a 2-minute window. This eliminates any heavy editing of photos, allowing users to be real, just as the name of the app implies.

You only get one notification per day, and the BeReal time is random. People on your BeReal friends list will be notified when you post a late BeReal. Also, they will be able to see the BeReal retake count.

If you're looking for more ways to access this platform, find out how to login to BeReal on a new phone.

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