What does the green dot mean on Snapchat?

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What does the green dot mean on Snapchat?

The tiny green dot, appearing when you open Snapchat, raises questions about its purpose and meaning.

Snapchat users were recently unsettled by the presence of a red dot, signalling a new notification. However, their attention has now shifted towards a new phenomenon - a green dot on the app, leaving many Snapchatters intrigued.

In this article, we unveil the mystery behind the green dot on Snapchat, unravelling its meaning and shedding light on its significance within the platform.

What does the green dot mean on Snapchat?

While the green dot beside someone's Bitmoji on Snapchat means that they have been active on the app recently, the green dot that appears on top of the screen means that your camera is actively in use.

The green dot that appears beside your friends' Bitmoji is an activity indicator, serving as a visual cue to signify their active presence on Snapchat. It lets you know that your friends are currently using the app, indicating their availability for immediate communication and interaction.

On the other hand, the green dot indicator on the top of the screen is a system-level feature provided by the OS itself, and they are not specific to Snapchat. You will see the indicators on other apps as well when the camera is being accessed.

The indicator is meant to provide users with a visual cue that their camera is currently being accessed by an app, helping to raise awareness of potential privacy implications.

However, there have been instances where users reported seeing the green dot on Snapchat despite not being on the camera screen or using the camera, which can be equally confusing and concerning.

Does Snapchat have a green dot indicator that shows the activity status of a friend?

Snapchat does have a green dot indicator to show the activity status of your friends. The green dot indicator helps you to know if someone is online on Snapchat.


The recent addition of the activity indicator feature in the app has met one of the most popular user requests. Its introduction has effectively fulfilled this long-awaited need, empowering users with real-time information about their friends' active presence on Snapchat.

Moving the back button and now introducing Activity Indicator is a testament to the platform's commitment to enhancing user experiences and staying attuned to user feedback and preferences.

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