What does "Added me back" under "Ignored" mean on Snapchat?

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What does "Added me back" mean on Snapchat? - An image of the Snapchat welcome screen on an Android phone

For newcomers to the app, the "Added me back" under the "Ignored" section on Snapchat might cause confusion – and rest assured, this confusion is not really your fault.

The language of Snapchat can be hard to decipher for new users. With labels ranging from "In a group with me" to "Added by mention," the app employs a variety of tags that can leave newbie Snapchatters scratching their heads.

In this guide, we'll unravel what "Added me back" under the "Ignored" section means on Snapchat. While you are here, make sure you check out how to see who rewatched your Snapchat Story.

What does "Added me back" under "Ignored" mean on Snapchat?

According to Snapchat, the "Ignored" section is where you can discover snapchatters whose friend requests you have chosen to ignore (See the image below). This is where you'll spot the "Added me back" tag.

In the "Ignored" section of Snapchat, the "Added me back" tag is used to indicate those individuals who initially accepted your friend request and added you back as a friend, even though you later unfriended them.

A Snapchat screenshot that shows the "Added me back" tag under the "Ignored" section.
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It's important to highlight that the people featured in this section haven't taken you off their friend's list, even though you've chosen to remove them from yours. Should they have also unfriended you on Snapchat, they wouldn't be visible within this section.

In simple terms, the "Added me back" tag in the "Ignored" section signifies the history of your initial connection.

What does "Added me back" mean on Snapchat after deleting them?

When you remove someone from Snapchat but they don't remove you, their friend request stays in the "Ignored" section until they remove you. This makes it easy for you to add them back later if you change your mind.

The "Added me back" tag on Snapchat's "Ignored" section after deleting them doesn't mean they've re-added you as a friend or sent you a new friend request.

It simply indicates the history of your initial connection. In this case, it means you initiated the connection by sending them a friend request, and they reciprocated by adding you back.

If you want to remove them from the "Ignored" section as well, you can choose to block them. To do that, go to their profile by clicking on their Bitmoji, then tap on the 3-dot icon and select "Block."


Alternatively, if you want to add them back instead, just tap on the "Accept" button and you will be friends again. They will receive a notification saying that you have added them back. Afterwards, you'll have the freedom to exchange messages and Snaps once more.

Now that you know what "Added me back" on Snapchat means, explore the different ways to tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat.

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