How to Fix uBlock Origin Not Working on YouTube

An image of the uBlock logo in the background of YouTube's home screen

An image of the uBlock logo in the background of YouTube's home screen

If uBlock Origin is not working on YouTube, and you find yourself unable to enjoy an ad-free viewing experience, we have got you covered.

Following the global rollout of YouTube's adblocker restrictions, the uBlock extension has ceased to work entirely for many users. Fortunately, there are methods and solutions available to restore its functionality for those facing this issue.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to resolve the issue and ensure that uBlock Origin is effectively blocking ads on YouTube once again. But, before that, you might want to disable Shorts on YouTube.

How to Fix uBlock Origin Not Working on YouTube

To fix the issue of uBlock Origin not working on YouTube, first update uBO to the latest version and then disable custom filters and additional lists, and finally force an update of your "Filter lists." Many Redditors have confirmed that this solution works.

The uBlock team has provided comprehensive instructions in a Reddit thread, along with video tutorials. We strongly recommend following these instructions if you find our guidance a bit challenging to follow, or if you encounter any difficulties.

The developers of the uBlock extension recommend disabling all other extensions and your browser's built-in blockers to ensure its proper functionality. Additionally, they advise against using multiple blockers simultaneously to avoid conflicts.

Why is uBlock Origin Not Working on YouTube?

If uBlock Origin is not working properly on YouTube, it's likely because the version of the extension you have installed is not up-to-date enough to bypass YouTube's latest anti-adblock measures.

The recently introduced anti-adblocker on YouTube restricts viewers after watching three videos if they choose not to disable adblockers. The aim is to encourage users to subscribe to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience or opt for watching ads to support the platform.

Fortunately, the uBlock team has devised a solution to bypass YouTube's anti-adblock system, enabling their users to continue blocking ads. Kudos to uBlock's efforts in providing this anti-anti-adblock functionality!

That covers everything about the issue of uBlock Origin not working on YouTube. While you're here, take a look at how to stop YouTube from pausing. In other news, YouTube will start playing adverts in paused videos.

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