How to fix the Twitter client error when changing username

An image of a Twitter pop-up error message that reads "client error"

An image of a Twitter pop-up error message that reads "client error"

If you are encountering a client error on Twitter while attempting to change your username, you are not alone.

Many Twitter users have voiced their frustration in experiencing this issue within the app. Furthermore, when they try to change their username via the web to work around this problem, they often encounter a "rate limit exceeded" error.

In this guide, we will delve into the common causes and potential solutions for this issue.

How to fix Twitter client error

To fix the Twitter client error when changing your username, log in through the web interface and keep spamming the "Save" button until it eventually accepts the change. This method has been verified as effective by this Reddit user.

Should the problem persist, it's probable that the error is linked to rate limits, so it's advisable to wait briefly before trying the action anew. Typically, Twitter's rate limits reset after a 15-minute interval.

In case the problem lingers even after waiting for more than an hour, we recommend trying an alternate platform. For instance, if you're using the Twitter app, consider switching to the web interface, and if you're on the web, try using the mobile app.

At present, patiently waiting is the most effective solution to this problem. As confirmed by this Redditor's experience, allowing some time to pass often resolves the issue.

What is the client error on Twitter?

A Twitter client error is a generic error that indicates a problem originating from the user's or application's side when making requests to the Twitter API.

The error commonly manifests when attempting to change your username on Twitter. It occurs when the user surpasses Twitter's rate limits, submits invalid requests, or when the application (client) encounters a technical problem.

We hope that the suggestions outlined here prove helpful in resolving the client error you're facing and allow you to proceed with your desired changes on Twitter smoothly.

In case you encounter the "Uh oh, an error was encountered" error or an error loading page, come back to this website as we have proven solutions for these errors as well.

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