How to fix Spotify Jam not working issue

Spotify Jam not working - An image of Spotify Jam

If Spotify Jam is not working for you and you are not able to join sessions or create ones, this guide offers a range of solutions to help you resolve these issues effectively.

Introduced in September 2023, Spotify Jam allows users to enjoy a personalized, real-time listening session together with friends or family. However, for many users, this innovative feature has encountered various issues.

In this guide, we will tell you why Spotify Jam might not be working for you and provide practical steps and proven solutions to troubleshoot this issue.

How to fix the Spotify Jam not working issue

If Spotify Jam is not working when you try to join a session, try deactivating your adblocker. Adblockers can sometimes incorrectly identify certain features as ads and block them, which is precisely what occurred in this case.

This solution, suggested by a Redditor, proved effective not only for them but also for other users who tried it. If you're experiencing issues with Spotify Jam and have an adblocker active on your phone, turning it off could be a highly effective solution.

If that doesn't resolve the issue, the problem could likely stem from using an outdated version of the app. So ensure that both the person hosting the jam session and those attempting to join have the latest version of the Spotify app installed.

At times, issues with Spotify Jam might be due to problems on Spotify's side. Checking Spotify's server status on Downdetector and browsing Twitter for user reports can help determine if there's a widespread issue.

Why is Spotify Jam not working?

If Spotify Jam is not working for you, the problem could stem from various sources, both on your end and on Spotify's. Here are some common reasons why Spotify Jam might not be working for you:

  • Spotify's server issues.
  • Adblockers blocking the request to join the jam.
  • An outdated version of the app.
  • Temporary bugs in the app.

The troubleshooting tips provided here address these common causes and should help you resolve the issue of Spotify Jam not working. Before you head off, make sure you learn how to turn on crossfade on Spotify and how to upload music to Spotify.

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