What is Snapscore Multiplier on Snapchat?

An image of a brief explanation about the Snapscore Multiplier feature within the Snapchat app

An image of a brief explanation about the Snapscore Multiplier feature within the Snapchat app

Snapchat has introduced a new feature known as the Snapscore Multiplier. While the purpose of the Snapscore Multiplier can be inferred from its name, many users are curious about how to access this feature for free.

We've seen various Snapchat score hacks and Snapscore booster methods that have allowed users to significantly increase their scores in a short time. Now, Snapchat has introduced an official way to double your Snapscore.

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into what the Snapscore Multiplier is, how it works, and most enticingly, how you can access this feature for free. But, before that, you might be interested in learning how to see who rewatched your story.

What is Snapscore Multiplier?

The Snapscore Multiplier is a new feature available to Snapchat Plus subscribers that allows them to double their Snapscore growth rate when they exchange snaps with other Snapchat Plus subscribers.

Normally, when you send or receive a snap on Snapchat, you earn one point towards your Snapscore. With the new Snapscore Multiplier feature, you'll receive two points instead of one when you share snaps with other Snapchat Plus members.

This feature is not enabled by default, so users need to manually activate it. To activate the Snapscore Multiplier, navigate to your profile, tap on your Snapchat Plus membership card, and toggle the Snapscore Multiplier to 'on'.

How to get Snapscore Multiplier for free

As previously mentioned, the Snapscore Multiplier is a feature exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers. Therefore, to get the Snapscore Multiplier at no cost, you must obtain Snapchat Plus for free, which is entirely possible.

Once you get Snapchat Plus for free, you will be able to enjoy the Snapscore Multiplier feature along with other exclusive features such as Peek a Peek, story rewatch count, friends solar system, and more.

That covers everything about Snapscore Multiplier. We hope you now have a clear understanding of the new feature. Before heading off, make sure you learn about the new clipboard and Tiny Snaps feature on Snapchat.

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