How to fix the Snapchat Peek a Peek not working issue

Snapchat Peek a Peek not working - An image of the option to turn on Peek a peek feature in Snapchat Plus

If Snapchat Peek a Peek is not working for you, we have got you covered.

Now you can see if someone half swipes with Snapchat Plus, thanks to the exclusive Peek a Peek feature. This useful feature alone makes Snapchat+ worth subscribing to. However, the feature can sometimes face issues in functionality, leaving users puzzled and seeking solutions.

Worry not. This guide is designed to walk you through easy-to-follow steps to fix the feature. But before we get into the troubleshooting steps, make sure your Snapchat app is fully updated.

How to fix the Snapchat Peek a Peek not working

To fix the Snapchat Peek a Peek not working issue, first check whether your Snapchat Plus subscription is currently active as this feature is only available for Plus members.

If your subscription is indeed active, the issue might be due to the feature not being enabled. Therefore, navigate to your profile, select your Snapchat+ membership card at the top, and ensure to toggle 'Peek a Peek' to the 'on' position.

If your subscription is active and the Peek a Peek is enabled, the issue might be a misunderstanding of how the feature works. It's worth noting that this feature doesn't send notifications when someone half swipes on Snapchat into your chat.

Instead, it shows an eye emoji (đź‘€) next to the chat where someone is peeking to let you know about it. That means you need to be actively viewing your Chat feed while the other person is peeking to be aware of it.

Why is Snapchat Peek a Peek not working?

If the Peek a Peek feature on Snapchat is not working for you, it typically boils down to one of three main reasons:

  • You don't have an active Snapchat Plus subscription
  • The feature is not turned on in settings
  • You don't fully understand how the feature works

A common belief is that Snapchat will send a notification when someone half swipes into a chat. However, this isn't how Peek a Peek operates, leading users to mistakenly assume the feature isn't working when they don't receive such notifications.

Since it doesn't notify users, there are there are methods to half swipe on Snapchat with the new update - without them knowing. It includes figuring out if that someone is online on Snapchat and if that someone has Snapchat Plus.

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