Why are my Snapchat notifications delayed?

An image of delayed Snapchat notifications on an iPhone

An image of delayed Snapchat notifications on an iPhone

If your Snapchat notifications are delayed by 30 minutes or so, you are not alone. Many Snapchat users have encountered this issue, but fortunately, there are tried-and-tested solutions available to resolve it.

It's incredibly frustrating to receive notifications late, especially when they're important and time-sensitive. The situation becomes even more aggravating when Snapchat notifications fail to work at all, leaving us completely out of the loop.

This guide is crafted for individuals experiencing these frustrating delays, providing an in-depth look at the potential causes for the delayed notifications and, more importantly, offering proven solutions to address this Snapchat issue.

Why are my Snapchat notifications delayed?

Your Snapchat notifications are delayed likely due to the "Time-Sensitive Notification" setting being turned off for the app in your device's notification settings. Alternatively, it might be caused by a temporary glitch within the app.

Other potential factors contributing to the delayed notifications may include an outdated app or operating system, corrupted app cache, "Do Not Disturb" mode being enabled, or network connection problems, among others.

How to fix delayed Snapchat notifications

To fix the delayed Snapchat notifications, navigate to your device's settings and ensure that time-sensitive notifications are enabled for Snapchat. Also, make sure you are running the latest version of Snapchat.

If the issue persists, consider implementing the following proven solutions:

Update your OS

A Snapchat user shared on Reddit that updating their phone's operating system resolved the issue for them. Therefore, it's recommended to update your device to the latest OS version to see if the problem continues.

Temporarily turn off your connectivity features

Another user on Reddit mentioned that turning off cellular data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, followed by restarting their phone, fixed the issue for them. This approach might be worth trying as well.

Wait it out

Lastly, a third user reported on Reddit that the issue resolved itself after a few days. Therefore, if none of the previously suggested solutions rectify the problem, it might be beneficial to simply wait a bit longer.

That covers everything about the delayed Snapchat notifications. Hope you found this guide helpful. While you are here, explore our other Snapchat guides, including how to see the best friends list and how to fix support code SS06.

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