How to see TikTok Now without posting

How to see TikTok Now without posting

How to see TikTok Now without posting

Looking for ways to see TikTok Now without posting?

Normally, TikTok Now posts are hidden or blurred until you post your own TikTok Now - like BeReal. In order to unlock access to your friends’ posts and the Explore or Now feed, you have to post a TikTok Now.

However, on BeReal, there is a workaround to see posts without posting. So, there is a good chance that the same hack would work here, allowing you to see TikTok Now without posting

Without further ado, let's get to the solution.

How to see TikTok Now without posting

Probably you are already aware that you need to post a TikTok Now of your own in order to see others' TikTok Nows. But many people have been wondering how to see someone else's TikTok Now without having to post one of yourself.

Well, it was possible to see a BeReal without posting using a hack. But does that trick work for the case of TikTok Now? Let's try and find out. Here is what you need to do to see TikTok Now without posting:

  • Post a TikTok Now as you would normally do.
  • Immediately after posting, turn off your Internet connection so that the picture will not get uploaded.
  • Finally, clear the TikTok or TikTok Now app cache.

If everything goes right, your picture should not get uploaded and you should be able to see TikTok Now without posting. In case the hack didn't work on your device, you always have the option to delete your TikTok Now after viewing others' TikTok Nows.

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What is TikTok Now post to view?

"Post to view" on TikTok Now simply means that you'll need to post a TikTok Now of your own to view others' TikTok Nows for that day. That's just how TikTok Now works. The posts will appear blurred until you participate.

TikTok rolled out the TikTok Now feature globally in the app’s new update on November 14. Many users were left confused when they discovered a "Post to view" message on posts that appeared in the Now feed, following the latest update.

In case you aren't aware of the TikTok Now feature, it is just a clone of the BeReal app. You will get a notification every day at a random time to post a picture or a 10-minute video of yourself within a 3-minute window.

Now that everything is sorted, have a look at other helpful tutorials such as how to fix TikTok Now not working and how to fix the TikTok effects not showing issue.

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