RIF forbidden error - how to fix Reddit is Fun error code 403

RIF forbidden error - how to fix Reddit is Fun error code 403 - An image of the RIF logo

RIF forbidden error - how to fix Reddit is Fun error code 403 - An image of the RIF logo

If you are encountering the RIF forbidden error aka Reddit is Fun error code 403 while trying to access Reddit, you are not alone.

Reddit is Fun (RIF) has long been a favourite app for countless Reddit enthusiasts, providing a seamless platform to browse and interact with the vast Reddit community. However, some users have recently encountered a frustrating obstacle in the form of forbidden error 403.

In this article, we delve into the common causes behind the error and present effective methods to fix the RIF forbidden error, ensuring that you can get back to enjoying your Reddit journey without a hitch.

How to fix the RIF forbidden error

To fix the RIF forbidden error, try uninstalling the app, repatching the APK, and reinstalling it. According to numerous users on Reddit, this solution has proven effective for resolving the forbidden error, so it's worth trying out in your case as well.

Here are the steps you need to take to repatch and fix the RIF forbidden error:

  • Uninstall RIF
  • Open ReVanced Manager and update it
  • Now install a new RIF APK file or repatch the one you used before
  • Make sure to select "Change package name" and "Spoof client" before patching. Also, remember to enable "OAuth spoofing" when you unpack the APK as well, which allows you to log in.
  • Once installed it should work again

If the previous solution doesn't work, you can wait and see if the issue resolves on its own. According to a user's report, their app started working again without any workarounds after leaving it alone for a while.

What is Reddit is Fun forbidden error code 403?

The RIF forbidden error or error code 403 indicates that the server has received the request, but it denies access to the requested resource for some reason. The forbidden error 403 can occur due to various reasons.

Firstly, the Reddit is Fun forbidden error may stem from the app's interactions with Reddit's servers violating API rate limits.

If the app makes too many requests within a short period, Reddit's API might block further access, resulting in the 403 error. In such cases, users may need to wait until the rate limit resets before resuming their activities on the app.

Secondly, authentication issues can lead to the RIF forbidden error.

If there's a problem with the Reddit account's credentials stored within the app or if the user's access token has expired or become invalid, the app won't be authorized to retrieve the requested data, leading to the 403 error.

Hopefully, the workaround we outline here will fix the RIF forbidden error for you. And in other news, r/Place's return on Reddit stirs the pot amid API change controversy.

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