What do purple messages mean on Instagram?

An image of purple messages on Instagram

An image of purple messages on Instagram

In September 2019, Instagram started experimenting with the colours of messages in its chat interface, introducing purple hues.

The use of distinct colours like purple in message threads has piqued the curiosity of many users, leading to questions about its purpose and meaning. Is this a functional feature, a design choice for aesthetic appeal, or something else entirely?

In this guide, we'll reveal the meaning behind Instagram's use of purple hues in its messaging interface. But before that, make sure you get your Instagram Wrapped 2023.

What do purple messages mean on Instagram?

The purple messages on Instagram don't signify anything specific. They are a design choice aimed at enhancing visual appeal and readability.

By using different shades for messages you've sent, Instagram aims to make them more pronounced and easily distinguishable in the conversation. This approach improves the visual hierarchy and helps in quickly identifying one's own messages in a chat thread.

You might be curious about why Instagram chose blue and purple for its messaging interface instead of other colours. The reason is that blue and purple are key components of Instagram's distinctive colour palette, reflecting the brand's identity and visual style.

How to change message colour on Instagram

The gradient effect is specific to Instagram's default chat theme. If this colour doesn't suit your preference, you have the option to change it. To change the colour of messages in a specific chat on Instagram, you can adjust the chat theme.

Here's how to change the message colour on Instagram:

  • Go to the chat where you want to change the message colour.
  • Tap on the name of the person or group at the top of the chat.
  • Select "Theme" from the options.
  • Choose a theme you like from the available options.
  • The selected theme will change the colour of your messages in that chat.

And that covers everything about the meaning of purple messages on Instagram. While you are here, make sure you explore our other Instagram guides, including how to remove Threads post suggestions from your Instagram feed.

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