Kiwi Music: What Is Kiwi Music App?

Kiwi Music: What Is Kiwi Music App?

Kiwi Music: What Is Kiwi Music App?

Want to know more about the new Kiwi music app? Read on!

Undoubtedly, BeReal, the unfiltered social media, has made a real impact in the world of apps. Instagram copying the core concept of BeReal for their latest feature called Candid Challenges is a perfect example of this.

It seems Instagram is not the only app inspired by BeReal. A new music app called Kiwi is also based on the BeReal concept of impromptu notifications. Let's find out more about the Kiwi music app!

What Is Kiwi Music App?

Kiwi is a music app developed by WishRoll Inc. "Music with friends" is the main idea behind the Kiwi music app. It basically lets you suggest songs to your friends.

The concept of the app is simple. At a random time each day, a notification will prompt you and your friends at the same time to share a song and a message within two minutes - just like on BeReal.

Kiwi has access to the music streaming service you are using (Spotify/Apple only) and it shows your recently played songs as well as your playlist on the app. When the notification comes, you are supposed to send one of the songs listed in the app to your friends. Of course, you can send different songs to different people.

The app also allows you to anonymously give and receive music ratings and see an average music rating score on your profile. Although you can send and receive song suggestions, in order to listen to the songs that your friends have shared, you will need to go to Spotify or Apple Music.

How To Download Kiwi Music

Currently, the app is available only on iOS. If you are running iOS 11.0 or later, you can download the app from here. The app has an impressive 4.7 rating on the App store. If you have a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later, you can run the app on your system as well.

The app is coming to Android. Although there is no concrete release date yet, we hope that it will be released very soon. You can join the Android waitlist by going on here and providing your email address. They will notify you when Kiwi for Android comes out.

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