Kik sign up without app - how to do it

Kik sign up without app
Credit: Kik

Kik sign up without app
Credit: Kik

If you're the type who enjoys using Kik on your PC through a web browser, you may be interested in the option to sign up for Kik without the app.

While Kik may not be on par with the most secure messaging apps like Signal or WhatsApp, its absence of a phone number requirement and emphasis on user anonymity make it an appealing choice for those seeking a messaging app.

In this guide, we'll explore the possibility of signing up for Kik without using the mobile app.

How to sign up for Kik without the app

Unfortunately, it is not possible to sign up for Kik without the app, as there isn't an official web-based sign-up process provided. But once you create a Kik account, you can conveniently log in to it on your PC via the official website via a web browser.

So to create a Kik account, you typically need to install the Kik app on your mobile device and complete the registration process within the app. Once you have successfully registered, you can uninstall the app and use Kik exclusively on your PC through the web browser interface.

Another option to use Kik on your PC is by utilizing Android emulators like BlueStacks. By installing Kik through this emulator on your computer, you can access and use Kik directly from your PC via the BlueStacks application.


Can I use Kik without the app?

Yes, you can use Kik without the app. Kik has an official website crafted by OneNet Inc. which allows you to log in to your existing account and carry on with your conversations. However, it doesn't provide the option to create a new account.

Is Kik private and secure?

Kik is not private and secure. The app does not employ end-to-end encryption, and the company also logs user IP addresses, which could be used to determine the user's ISP and approximate location.

How do I log into Kik online?

To log in to Kik online from your PC, navigate to the official Kik website and provide your login credentials, including your username and password. Last time we checked, the Kik website wasn't working properly.

How to delete your Kik account permanently?

To permanently delete your Kik account on Android, you'll need to visit the Kik account deletion portal and provide your account credentials, including your username and email address.

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