Is TikTok Posting or Deleting Drafts?

Is TikTok Posting Drafts 2022?

Is TikTok posting drafts? Is TikTok deleting drafts? These seem to be the questions on everyone's mind.

Reportedly, many TikTok users are noticing some rather odd things on the app. While some users claim that TikTok is posting their drafts without them choosing to do so. Others say that TikTok is deleting their drafts. So far, TikTok has not responded to this issue.

So are the rumours true? Is Tiktok actually posting or deleting drafts? Let's find out!

Is TikTok Posting Drafts?

TikTok drafts are stored locally on the device you created the content on - not on TikTok servers. For that reason, TikTok doesn't have legitimate access to the drafts and hence cannot post them.

However, rumours suggest that the TikTok app posting drafts without the owner's knowledge and there seem to be many users who have been affected by this. So, is it possible for TikTok to access your drafts?

Well, technically speaking, TikTok does have access to your files and media, and therefore, it is theoretically possible that TikTok could upload drafts without your knowledge. That said, since it would be a violation of privacy and there is no real benefit to the company of doing that, we can assume TikTok is not purposefully doing this.

It is possibly just another bug like the TikTok profile picture not showing issue or the TikTok sound not working problem. However, posting these videos without owner knowledge or consent is a more serious issue. Hopefully, TikTok will fix the issue soon.

There has been no official announcement of this problem, which means that many people are still worried about their privacy. If you are concerned with security, it might be a good idea to delete TikTok drafts just to be safe.

Is TikTok Deleting Drafts?

As we mentioned in the previous section, TikTok drafts are saved locally on the device you created the content on. So, if you access your TikTok drafts from another device, you will not be able to see them. Moreover, clearing the TikTok app cache, uninstalling TikTok and logging out of your TikTok account will also result in the deletion of all your drafts.

If you haven't done any of the aforementioned things and yet your TikTok drafts are getting deleted, then it is possible that you have been hit by a bug. In that case, you should contact TikTok Support immediately and report the issue. They will be able to help you out.

It is worth mentioning that, once a draft is lost, it cannot be restored as it is saved on your device, not on the TikTok server.

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