Is Square down? Server status, downtime, more

Square issues
Credit: Square

Square issues
Credit: Square
Take a look at the last update from Square: Sep 07, 2023 - 17:15 PDT : Our engineering team is still working on a fix to address the disruption impacting multiple Square Services. Thank you for your patience with us as we work to resolve this and we will provide updates here shortly.

If you're currently experiencing issues with your Square services, you're not alone. On September 7, 2023, Square users began reporting disruptions affecting various aspects of the platform. This article will provide you with the latest updates on the situation.

Early on 7 September, Square acknowledged a disruption impacting some of its services. This disruption has caused inconvenience for many business owners who rely on Square for payment processing and other essential functions.

Is Square payment down?

One of the major concerns during this disruption is the Square app's functionality. Users have encountered issues with transactions and accessing key features, leading to potential interruptions in people's transactions.

The Square issues today appear to be linked to problems with Square's data centres, affecting multiple services. This includes the ability to check your balance and make transfers, Square Stands, Readers connected via USB, and even Square Time Cards, where users may encounter incorrect time data.

Square has been actively investigating the issue since it was first identified on 7 September. While their engineering team is diligently working on a fix, reaching Square's Customer Success team may take longer than usual due to the high volume of inquiries.

For the latest updates on the situation, keep an eye on Square's official announcements. Your patience is appreciated as they work to resolve these issues and ensure the smooth operation of their services.

Square downtime maintenance

At the time of writing, there is no scheduled maintenance planned, and the Square server issues you are experiencing might be the result of the widespread issue we've talked about already.

Sadly, there is nothing that can be done on your end as Square has confirmed via their status page that this is a technical issue on their end.

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