Is Snapchat My AI dangerous?

Is snapchat my ai dangerous snapchat logo on phone

Is snapchat my ai dangerous snapchat logo on phone

Having a conversation with AI chatbots can definitely be a lot of fun, along with helping users with their essays or research. But some apps have also been debuting chatbots and with young people using them, there have been questions. Is Snapchat My AI dangerous, for example?

The app has been a surefire hit with the young crowd, with the launch of a plus service, and several features such as score and polls which the crowd loves.

But with Snapchat joining the conversational chatbot crowd, there's been a lot of hate and negative comments about it. Let's look and discover if Snapchat My AI is really dangerous.

Is Snapchat My AI dangerous?

Basically, My AI in Snapchat works like any other chatbot, but there's an added layer which some users feel can lead to dangers. The chatbot knows your location and all of the data you are sharing on the Snapchat app.

It is useful to remember that the chatbot does not know your exact location, but only the city in which you live. If you ask about it, the chatbot will answer that “it does not have access to your exact location”.

However, some users are still worried, since they find the chatbot to be "rude" and "downright creepy" in the way it will let you know it knows the city you live in. Clearly, the more you converse with My AI and share details, the better it will know things about you.

In case you are worried, you can choose to remove My AI from Snapchat. If you are not, take a look at the funny thing you can ask My AI on Snapchat.

What is Snapchat My AI and how does it work?

The social media app, Snapchat has recently unveiled a new free chatbot. While at first only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers, the developers have later decided to make it available to all of its users.

In the words of the developers, My AI is an “experimental, friendly, chatbot”, inspired and powered by the same AI technology, OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Despite Snapchat’s My AI resemblance to its predecessor, it still has a lot of unique attributes specifically exclusive to the users of the platform.

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The chatbot is there to serve as an online friend or a presence (we would not really call it "someone") that you can talk to. Every user is free to converse with it about any topic that one feels like talking about.

Clearly, the chatbot also has to answer to Snapchat’s Community Guidelines such as generating political, sexual, harassing, or deceptive content, spam, malware, or content that promotes violence, self-harm, human trafficking, or really anything unethical.

How to report a My AI chat

The developers also mention that their chatbots improve the more they are used and also encourage users to submit feedback. This is done so that they can improve the way the AI interact with its users.

Users of the Snapchat platform can easily send feedback to the team. This can be useful in order to avoid the AI giving you inappropriate replies or misleading information about important topics.

This is how to report a chat received from My AI:

  • Press and hold on the chat and tap "report".
  • Provide a reason why you are reporting the conversation.
  • Tap "Submit" when done.

While the AI chatbot is improving, at the moment there doesn't seem to be any reason to be alarmed. But we would still recommend that you avoid sharing with it sensible and confidential information.

Since you are here, have a look at how to break Snapchat My AI and how to unpin My AI on Snapchat.

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