Is Instagram Wrapped a scam?

Instagram Wrapped scam - An image of the stats shown by Instagram Wrapped

Instagram Wrapped scam - An image of the stats shown by Instagram Wrapped

Is Instagram Wrapped a scam? This is the pressing question on the minds of countless Instagram users who have either tried the app or are contemplating its installation.

In recent times, Instagram Wrapped has gained popularity as a tool that claims to provide users with intriguing insights into their Instagram activity. However, as its usage continues to spread, questions have arisen regarding its authenticity and potential risks.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of Instagram Wrapped, and reveal whether it's a genuine offering or a potential scam.

Is Instagram Wrapped a scam?

Instagram Wrapped is unquestionably a scam, as it has no official affiliation with Meta whatsoever. Numerous users reported experiencing issues with their Instagram accounts after using Instagram Wrapped, suggesting it is indeed not safe.

The app makes audacious claims, asserting that it can reveal the number of users who have taken screenshots of your posts or blocked you. However, Instagram does not maintain such information, let alone share it via its API with a third-party application.

The aim of this app appears to be data mining, potentially collecting users' personal information for malicious purposes. So steer clear of this shady app to protect your Instagram account and personal information.

If you've already used Instagram Wrapped, it's crucial to take immediate action: change your password right now and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance the security of your Instagram account.

Is Instagram Wrapped fake?

Yes, Instagram Wrapped is fake. The statistics it provides are either randomly generated or derived from the order of your 'Followers' or 'Following' list on Instagram.

Does Instagram Wrapped hack you?

Numerous users have reported instances of their accounts being compromised. Therefore, it is evident that Instagram Wrapped has the potential to hack your account.

How do you see your Instagram Wrapped?

At this time, Instagram does not offer an Instagram Wrapped feature. So regrettably, there is currently no method to see your Instagram Wrapped.

Is TikTok Wrapped fake as well?

No, TikTok Wrapped is genuine, unlike Instagram Wrapped. The source code for TikTok Wrapped is publicly available, and they do not store your data on any servers.

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