Instagram Threads user count - how many Threads users are there?

how many threads users are there - picture of Threads app
Credit: Meta

how many threads users are there - picture of Threads app
Credit: Meta

Apparently, everyone is curious about the Instagram Threads user count.

Once considered the internet's fastest-growing app, ChatGPT has relinquished its prestigious title to Instagram Threads. Astonishingly, within the first day of its launch, the Twitter clone managed to amass over 1 million users.

Since then, the user base of Instagram Threads has continued to surge at an impressive rate. In this guide, we will shed light on the current number of users who have flocked to this exciting platform.

Instagram Threads user count

At the time of writing on 10 June 2023, the Instagram Threads user count is over 100 million. This rate is expected to go up in the coming days.

One of the main reasons for the high rate of user count is curiosity. Naturally, social media users are always keen to try new platforms, especially if they follow the advice of influencers.

Another possible reason is the growing dissatisfaction of Twitter users. Recently, Twitter has closed numerous accounts and heightened its level of censorship, causing users to leave the platform for alternatives such as Mastodon, Hive Social, and Threads.

What is Instagram Threads?

Threads is a text-based social media platform released by Meta. In a way, Threads is similar to Twitter due to content customization and microblogging approach.

In Threads, users can post pictures, texts, and even videos. Users can like their favourite content, and they can even leave comments. Unlike Twitter, Threads allows the posting of 500-word content pieces. This can be great news for people who want to share longer stories and deeper content.

To sign up for Instagram Threads, you need an Instagram account, as Threads works based on your Instagram. This way, your Threads username will be the same as your Instagram handle.

Additionally, you can bring your Instagram followers to Threads. If you already have a large following on Instagram, then you won't have a difficult time growing your Threads account.

Hop on Threads now, if you haven't already. You can either access the platform using the app or via the Threads website.

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