Instagram Stories bubble bigger - why are my Instagram Stories circles zoomed in?

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Instagram stories bigger - why is my Instagram zoomed in - picture of Instagram brand in smartphone
Credit: Instagram

Have your Instagram Stories bubble suddenly appeared bigger? This issue is indeed annoying and can mess up your wonderful daily stories.

Aside from the zoomed-in issue, many users have also reported their Instagram highlights disappearing. It's possible that such issues are the results of previous updates or changes launched by Instagram developers.

Read on to learn how to fix the 'Instagram stories bigger' issue.

Why are my Instagram Stories bubble bigger?

If the Instagram Stories bubble on your account appears bigger, it's most likely due to a recent update from Instagram.

In a recent update, Instagram has increased the size of the Stories bubble to make it more prominent or easier to interact with.

Changes to the size of the Stories bubble could be a part of these efforts to boost user engagement with Instagram Stories. It is not uncommon for social media apps to update their user interface.

For instance, TikTok recently changed its font in May 2023. In the same month, Snapchat changed its notification dot to red. Changes to the size of the Stories bubble could be a part of efforts to improve the user experience.

Ultimately, the enlarged bubbles facilitate easier interaction on smaller screens.

Some people are not happy about the change

When significant changes occur in popular applications such as Instagram, it's natural for varied reactions to emerge from the user base. An increase in the size of Instagram Stories bubbles is no exception.

A number of Instagram users didn't hesitate to express their disappointment. They aired their grievances with the new look and feel of Instagram, deploying clear, straightforward criticism to articulate their dissatisfaction.

People spend considerable time on platforms like Instagram and become comfortable navigating their well-known layouts. Unexpected modifications can initially hinder this ease of use, causing dissatisfaction.

Anyway, over time, these initially unhappy users may grow to accept or even appreciate, the alterations as they adapt to the new interface.

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