Instagram Order Of Followers In 2022 Explained

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Instagram Order Of Followers In 2022 Explained

If you’re wondering how your Instagram Followings and Followers list is ordered, here's everything you need to know.

In 2021, Instagram introduced lots of improvements within the IG algorithm. The new algorithm is meant to make sure that you’re seeing content and Suggested Posts that you’re actually interested in. An algorithm with the same idea is also used to determine the order of your followers on Instagram.


We’ve done a little research to try and explain how your Followings and Followers list are ordered on Instagram. Let's get into the details!

The Order Of Followers On Instagram

Previously, Instagram sorted your Followers and Following list by who you followed most recently (chronologically).

Now, you might be surprised to discover that Instagram has changed that up a bit. By default, Instagram now sorts your Followers and Following list based on some factors.


The order of followers on Instagram is majorly based on one factor: interaction. In other words, the accounts that you have interacted with the most by liking, commenting, sharing posts, tagging in posts or sending DMs will appear at the top of your Followings and Followers list.

However, if you have less than 200 people in your Following or Followers list, the above method of sorting may not apply. In that case, we believe, the order of followers is just a random list of people. It is unclear how the order is determined in this case as Instagram has not revealed anything about it.

How Instagram’s Followers Ordering Algorithm Works

We know that this sounds a little complicated, but we’ll explain it as best we can.


As we mentioned above, interaction is the main factor that Instagram uses to determine the order of your Followers list. Instagram’s Followers ordering algorithm is meant to determine how important a user is to you by looking at the amount of interaction you have with them. Which means:

  • A person who likes or comments on your posts frequently is more likely to be at the top of your list of followers.
  • Likewise, the followers you frequently interact with the most by liking or commenting are sorted first.
  • A follower’s profile that you visit regularly will rise on your list of followers even if you don’t follow that person.

The order of your Followers list is constantly changing based on your interactions with your followers. This means that you may see new people at the top of your list if Instagram thinks they’re more important to you than others.

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