How to Remove the "Made with AI" Label on Instagram

An image of the "Made with AI" label on an Instagram post - remove it

An image of the "Made with AI" label on an Instagram post - remove it

Instagram recently introduced the “Made with AI” label to help users identify AI-generated content. However, many reports indicate that users’ content is wrongly labelled as “Made with AI” by Instagram, leading people to seek ways to remove it.

With the prevalence of AI image generators like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, which create ultra-realistic images, it has become crucial to add labels for identification. However, due to inaccurate systems, this helpful feature is causing problems for content creators by wrongly labelling their content as AI-generated.

In this guide, we will discuss methods to remove the "Made with AI" label on Instagram and how to avoid getting labelled in the first place. But, before that, you might want to turn off the Meta AI on Instagram.

How to Remove the "Made with AI" Label on Instagram

To remove the “Made with AI” label on Instagram, edit your post and click on the “Label as AI” option under your username. If the toggle is on, turn it off. If it is off, turn it on and then back off.

This method is not guaranteed to remove the label from your post or story. If the label was added automatically by Instagram, this process would not work. In such cases, it is up to Instagram to remove it.

If the label was added by Instagram, you can report the issue and request its removal. To do this, go to the post or story and shake your phone. Then, tap “Report a problem” and describe your issue in detail.

How to Avoid Getting Labelled "Made with AI" on Instagram

To avoid getting labelled “Made with AI” on Instagram, refrain from using any AI touchups or edits, even minor ones, until the AI content detection system improves. With more data and training, it is expected to become more accurate real soon.

Another way is to turn on the “Label as Made with AI” option when you upload your post or story, and then toggle it off afterwards. This bypasses the AI detection check typically performed during the upload process.

With that, we are wrapping up our guide on how to remove the "Made with AI" label on Instagram. We hope you found it informational. While you are here, we recommend you check out our Instagram guide about the "Just seen" label.

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