How to fix Instagram Flipside not showing or working

Instagram Flipside not showing or working - An image of Instagram Flipside

Have you been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Instagram Flipside, only to find it's not showing up or working on your account? You're not alone.

Many Instagram users who have heard about this innovative feature are facing similar issues, eagerly anticipating the chance to create a private space and posts for close friends within their existing profiles but finding themselves unable to access it.

This guide is designed specifically for you. Here, we'll explore potential reasons why Instagram Flipside might not be appearing for you and provide practical steps to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

How to fix Instagram Flipside not showing issue

Instagram Flipside is not showing because the feature is currently in the testing phase and has been made available to a select group of users. Once testing is completed and its stability is ensured, it will be made available to all users, including you.

Therefore, to fix the issue of Instagram Flipside not showing, keep your app updated to the latest version and await its rollout to your account, as the feature is being released gradually like any other new update.

Once Flipside becomes available to you, you can access it by tapping the key icon on your profile or swiping down on your profile. You can customise it with a unique profile picture, bio, and select the people who can access this private space.

To access someone else's Flipside, use the same method on their profile. You can only view someone's Instagram Flipside if they have specifically added you to their list of approved viewers for this private space.

What is Instagram Flipside?

Instagram Flipside is a feature that allows users to create a private space within their profile for sharing personal content with a select group of friends​. It aims to eliminate the need for a separate private account for sharing more personal content.

In this space, users can add a different name, profile picture, and bio, effectively allowing them to present a more private side of their lives to a select group of friends. The Flipside also features a unique photo grid that is separate from the main profile grid.

That covers everything about the issue of Instagram Flipside not showing or working. We hope you found this guide helpful. Before you head off, check out the meaning of the Instagram order of followers.

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