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How to create Instagram close friends posts

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Instagram close friends posts - An image of the Instagram home feed on an iPhone

Recently, Instagram has introduced new features including the ability to turn off read receipts and the integration of Meta AI. The newest addition is the ability to create close friends posts on Instagram.

With the recent update, Instagram now allows you to share feed posts with your "Close Friends" group, a feature that was previously limited to stories. This feature enhances user privacy and control over content, providing a way to share more personal or targeted posts with a smaller, more specific audience.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of creating posts for your "Close Friends" group on Instagram, detailing each step to help you share exclusive content with a select audience.

How to create close friends posts on Instagram

To create close friends posts on Instagram, simply select the photo you wish to post and, before publishing it, change the "Audience" setting from "Everyone" to "Close Friends."

It goes without saying that before you can share posts with a "Close Friends" group on Instagram, you must first create this group. To do that, simply go to Settings and Privacy, and under "Who can see your content," select "Close Friends" to set up your list.

Instagram close friends posts not working?

If the Instagram "Close Friends" posts feature isn't working because you don't see an "Audience" option, there could be two reasons.

Firstly, you may not have set up a "Close Friends" group, which is essential for using this feature. In this case, the solution is quite simple but important: take a moment to go to your Instagram settings and create your "Close Friends" list.


Second, Instagram often introduces new features in phases to its users. If the close friends posts option isn't available in your account, it likely means the feature hasn't been rolled out to you yet. In this case, patience is key.

And that covers everything about the close friends posts on Instagram. While you are here, make sure you learn how to remove Threads post suggestions from Instagram feed.

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