Instagram Ad Break - How to Remove the Unskippable Ads

An image of Ad Breaks in the feed - remove unskippable Instagram ads

An image of Ad Breaks in the feed - remove unskippable Instagram ads

The integration of unskippable ads, known as Instagram Ad Breaks, has led to user dissatisfaction due to their intrusive nature. People are now looking for ways to remove these unskippable ads on Instagram.

This isn’t the first time Instagram’s recent features have met with criticism. The rollout of Meta AI and the integration of Prompts within the Notes functionality have also stirred user frustration.

In this guide, we’ll explore the nature of Instagram Ad Breaks and discuss potential ways to remove these unskippable ads. But, before that, you might want to turn off the Meta AI on Instagram.

How to Remove Unskippable Ads on Instagram

To remove unskippable ads on Instagram on PC, you can explore browser extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. A quick search there will uncover various extensions designed to get rid of Instagram Ad Breaks.

Currently, there is no way to remove unskippable ads on the Instagram app. You can provide feedback to Meta and request to remove Ad Breaks, although it’s unlikely to result in their removal due to their role in generating revenue.

If Instagram ever decides to introduce a subscription model similar to Snapchat Plus, it could potentially include an option to remove all ads along with other exclusive features. However, this is speculative and contingent on future developments.

What Is Instagram Ad Breaks?

Ad Breaks is a new advertising format that Instagram is testing. These are unskippable ads that appear as users scroll through their feeds, requiring viewers to watch the entire ad before they can continue scrolling.

Users are unhappy with Ad Breaks and are requesting its removal. While Instagram has previously removed features in response to user feedback, such as Prompts, the likelihood of removing Ad Breaks seems low given their potential revenue impact.

That covers everything about Instagram Ad Breaks and how you can remove these unskippable ads. We hope you found our guide informational. Before heading off, check out how to remove the "Made with AI" label.

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