How to view YouTube Music Wrapped 2023

YouTube Music Wrapped 2023 - An image of the screenshot of YT Music Wrapped

YouTube Music Wrapped 2023 - An image of the screenshot of YT Music Wrapped

With Apple Music Replay, Spotify Wrapped, and Amazon Music Wrapped already out, users of YouTube's music streaming service are eagerly waiting to view their YouTube Music Wrapped 2023.

Compared to its counterparts like Apple Music Replay 2023 and Spotify Wrapped 2023, YouTube Music's 2023 Recap stands out with its personalized and interactive experience. This year, YouTube Music has upped the ante by introducing three new features, enhancing the way you reminisce your musical journey over the past year.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple steps to access YouTube Music Wrapped and view a personalised summary of your year in music.

How to view YouTube Music Wrapped 2023

To view YouTube Music Wrapped 2023, tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner, and then select "Your Recap." In this section, you’ll find options to “Get your Recap” and explore your "Top artists".

When you tap the “Get your Recap” button, you will see a slideshow showcasing your personalized musical journey over the year, including highlights like your most played songs, favourite genres, and top artists.

Unique features of YouTube Music Wrapped

YouTube Music introduced an innovative feature to create custom album art. This function gathers colours and visuals from your most played songs to design a unique album cover that encapsulates your musical vibe and aesthetic for the entire year.

Another addition is the mood-matching feature. This aspect of the YouTube Music Wrapped analyzes your top songs and associates them with specific moods or terms such as "laid back," "happy-go-plucky," and "stoked."

Finally, by linking Google Photos with YouTube Music, you can personalize your Recap with a custom photo album. This lets you combine your favourite songs with personal images, creating a unique visual narrative of your year in music

And that covers everything about YouTube Music Wrapped. While you are here, why don't you check out your Instagram Wrapped, TikTok Wrapped and Snapchat Wrapped as well?

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