How to use Streak Freeze on Duolingo

How to use Streak Freeze on Duolingo - An image of Streak Freeze

How to use Streak Freeze on Duolingo - An image of Streak Freeze

If you're unsure about how to use Streak Freeze on Duolingo, this guide will cover all you need to understand about this valuable feature.

Streak Freeze is designed to help Duolingo users preserve their hard-earned streaks, even on days when life gets in the way of language practice. However, many users are unaware of how to utilise this feature and the nuances of its activation.

In this guide, we will unveil the steps to equip and use Streak Freezes on Duolingo, ensuring you never lose progress due to unexpected breaks or busy schedules. While you are here, explore how to get Duolingo Music.

How to use Streak Freeze on Duolingo

You don't need to manually activate Streak Freeze on Duolingo to preserve your streak if you fail to complete a lesson on any given day. The Streak Freeze, if equipped, is used automatically when you happen to miss a day of practice.

To equip a Streak Freeze in Duolingo, go to the Shop and purchase it using Gems, the app's virtual currency that you accumulate by completing lessons and achieving various milestones within the app. A single Streak Freeze costs 200 gems.

You can equip up to two Streak Freezes to protect your streak during two days of inactivity. However, if you're a Streak Society member, you can equip up to five Streak Freezes, extending your streak protection for even longer periods of inactivity.

The app typically sends out a notification when a Streak Freeze is utilized. Once you receive this alert, it's a good idea to equip another one. If you are on a trip or a long vacation, ensure you have enough Gems to purchase additional freezes as needed.

Duolingo provides the option to restore your streak once for a certain amount of Gems if you didn't have any Streak Freezes equipped. However, this feature may not always be available, so ensure you have sufficient Streak Freezes equipped to safeguard your streak.

With that, we are wrapping up our guide on how to use Streak Freeze on Duolingo. Before you head off, check out our other Duolingo guides, including how to fix the app not loading issue and how to remove languages.

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