How To Take Two Different Pictures On BeReal

How To Take Two Pictures On BeReal

Wondering how to take two different pictures on BeReal? We've got you covered!

Perhaps you are already aware that you can take only one picture a day on BeReal - well, normally. But, what if you want to take more than one picture in one day?

Maybe you stumbled across something interesting or beautiful that you'd like to share with your friends on BeReal. Well, let's see if there are any ways to achieve this feat.

In this article, we will talk about how to take two different pictures on BeReal. Let's get into it!

How To Take Two Different Pictures On BeReal

There is neither an official method nor a hack to take two different pictures on BeReal. The only way to take a second picture on BeReal is to delete the first one and then take another.

A real photo a day. That's what BeReal is all about. Unlike other social media apps, BeReal doesn't want to make you waste your precious time on their app by posting multiple photos. That's why they have a daily limit on the number of photos you can post.

BeReal has also set daily limits on how many times you can delete a BeReal post and change your time zone.

How To Take Two Front Pictures On BeReal

Probably you have seen some posts where people have two selfies, instead of one selfie and one rear camera pic. You may be wondering how they managed to capture it. Well, it is simple.

Although the BeReal camera is designed to take both a selfie and a frontal photo simultaneously, there is a slight delay between capturing the two photos. So if you turn your phone fast enough, you will get a picture that appears like two selfies.

To take two front pictures on BeReal, first, click the camera flip icon, so your selfie or front camera pic will be taken first. Then, immediately after clicking the shutter button, turn your phone around with the back camera facing you. Pose and hold the device still for like 3 seconds. That's it!

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