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How to see if someone half swipes on Snapchat

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How to see if someone half swipes on Snapchat - An image of Snapchat's chat feed

With the new update, Snapchat Plus users can now see if someone half swipes into a conversation they are a part of. However, many subscribers are not fully aware of how to see if someone half swipes on Snapchat.

Half-swiping on Snapchat has become a popular trick among users to read messages without leaving a read receipt. But now, with the introduction of the Peek a Peek feature for Snapchat Plus subscribers, detecting these stealthy glances has become possible.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to effectively use the Peek a Peek feature, ensuring you're well-equipped to spot those half-swipe interactions on Snapchat. And if Peek a Peek is not working for you, we have fixes for it as well.

How to see if someone half swipes on Snapchat

To see if someone half swipes on Snapchat, you must have a Snapchat Plus subscription and ensure that the Peek a Peek feature is enabled. This feature lets you know when someone peeks into a conversation you're involved in.

This feature works by displaying an 👀 emoji next to a conversation in your chat feed, indicating that someone is currently peeking into it. Note that you’ll only be able to catch it if you’re looking at your chat feed at the moment they half swipe.

It's important to note that contrary to popular belief, this feature does not send notifications when someone half swipes. Therefore, the only way to detect peekers is by actively keeping an eye on your chat feed.

There are ways to bypass this feature

While the feature aims to alert users of half swipes, it's not foolproof, and there are several ways to half swipe on Snapchat undetected.


A common tactic involves half-swiping when the other user is not online on Snapchat. Since the feature doesn't send notifications, peeking into a conversation goes unnoticed, as the recipient won't see the eye emoji if they're not online at that moment.

Another widely used technique is the 'Airplane Mode' method. Users activate airplane mode before half-swiping, which prevents the app from communicating their activity. As a result, their peeking into the conversation remains undetected.

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