How to like a Note on Instagram

like a Note on Instagram - An image of severals Notes on Instagram

like a Note on Instagram - An image of severals Notes on Instagram

Received a notification that someone liked your Note on Instagram and found yourself puzzled, thinking, "What? You can like Notes?" If so, you're not alone in your surprise. Indeed, you can like a Note on Instagram.

Many Instagram users were unaware that they could like a Note until they received a notification indicating someone had liked theirs. This feature was introduced recently, specifically after the ability to put music on Instagram Notes was rolled out.

In this guide, we will share two effective methods to like a Note on Instagram, enabling you to fully utilise this feature. While you're here, don't miss out on exploring the new option to turn off read receipts.

How to like a Note on Instagram

To like a Note on Instagram, simply double-tap on it, just like how you like posts or comments within the app. However, this gesture is not guaranteed to work for everyone, according to reports from the Instagram community.

For users experiencing issues with the double-tap gesture, there's an alternative method to like a Note on Instagram. You can react to the Note by sending a heart emoji, which will be displayed as a like on the receiver's end.

You will likely get the 'Like' feature for Instagram Notes soon

Instagram has a history of introducing new features to a limited group of users before making them available to everyone. This approach was observed with the rollout of features such as Flipside and Friends Map.

Therefore, it's possible that the like feature for Instagram Notes is being rolled out using this phased approach. If so, you can expect to receive this feature in the future. So, remember to keep your app updated.

The "Like" feature might have been removed already

Several users on Reddit [1][2] have reported that although they previously had access to the double-tap to like feature, it no longer works for them. This suggests that Instagram may have been testing the feature before deciding to remove it from the app.

With that, we are wrapping up our guide on how to like a Note on Instagram. Hope you found this guide helpful. While you are here, make sure you explore our other Instagram guides, including how to fix Instagram Flipside not working.

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