How To Know If Someone Is Online On Snapchat

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How To Know Someone Is Online On Snapchat
Credit: Snapchat

Are you curious to know if someone is online on Snapchat but don't know how? We've got you covered!

Privacy is one of the main things that make Snapchat different from other social media apps. To ensure safety and privacy, Snapchat offers several privacy settings that you can tweak to make your Snapchat account private and secure. You have total control over who can contact you, see your stories, see your location, etc.


What's more, the recently introduced Snapchat parental controls feature On the whole, Snapchat offers a lot of ways to protect your privacy and security. Due to the same reason - privacy - Snapchat doesn't have an online status indicator. However, there are some signs that you can look out for to know someone is online on Snapchat. Let's find out what these indicators are.

How To Know If Someone Is Online On Snapchat

Although Snapchat doesn't have an online status indicator, it does show the "last seen" of a user. If the last seen says "just now," it means the person is currently online or was just online. However, the accuracy of this feature is often unreliable.

You can check the last seen of your friend by navigating to their profile and opening Snap Map. You will be able to see the last time that person was active right next to the location. Snapchat also displays the last seen on the chat right under their name.


However, if they have their Ghost Mode enabled or if they have hidden their location from you, you will not be able to see their last seen. In that case, there are some other ways to see whether or not someone is online on Snapchat. Keep reading to find out!

How To Tell If Someone Is Active On Snapchat Without Their Location

Checking someone's last seen is the most straightforward way to tell if they are active on Snapchat. But, if their Snap Map is not visible to you, you may need to rely on other means to determine whether or not they are online on Snapchat. Here are some


Enable Story notifications

This method is pretty simple. Just turn on Story notifications for the person you wish to check on. The next time they post a Story, you will be notified instantly. This way you will know if they are active on Snapchat without having access to their location. If you need help in enabling Story notifications, go here.

Check "Opened" timestamps

Another way is to send them a Snap and check the "Opened" timestamps to see how long ago they viewed it. In this way, you'll know when their last Snapchat session was (not accurate, though).


Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn't have an option to turn on notifications when someone views your Story. If it had, you would be able to catch them online.

How To Know The Last Time Someone Was Active On Snapchat

You can easily find out the last time someone was active on Snapchat by checking their Snap Map. It will show you the last place and time they were active on Snapchat. The caveat, however, is that you cannot see their last seen if they are in Ghost Mode or if their location is hidden from you.

If you are unable to see their last seen, you can follow the methods in the previous section to get an idea of the last time that person was active on Snapchat. Again, the accuracy of these methods is only approximate.