How to get Instagram Flipside 2024

Get Instagram Flipside - An image of Instagram Flipside

If you've heard about Instagram Flipside and are wondering how to get or access this new feature, this guide is tailor-made for you.

After the introduction of the Close Friends feature for Stories and the subsequent expansion to feed posts and Reels, Instagram has now taken a significant leap by introducing Flipside. This new feature essentially allows users to set up an entirely new profile/feed within their existing Instagram account.

In this guide, we will explain how to access Instagram's new Flipside feature, enabling you to create a separate profile for sharing content exclusively with your close friends. While you are here, check out how to view private Instagram profiles.

How to get Instagram Flipside

To get Instagram Flipside, keep your app updated and await its rollout to your account or region, as the feature is being released gradually. It will automatically appear in your app when it becomes available for your account.

You can access your Instagram Flipside by tapping the key icon on your profile or swiping down on your profile. You can customise it with a unique profile picture, bio, and select the people who can access this private space.

To access someone else's Flipside, use the same method on their profile. It goes without saying that you can only view someone's Instagram Flipside if they have specifically added you to their list of approved viewers for this private space.

What is Instagram Flipside?

Instagram Flipside is a feature that allows users to create a private space within their profile for sharing personal content with a select group of friends​. It aims to eliminate the need for a separate private account for sharing more personal content.

In this space, users can add a different name, profile picture, and bio, effectively allowing them to present a more private side of their lives to a select group of friends. The Flipside also features a unique photo grid that is separate from the main profile grid.

That covers everything about Instagram Flipside. We hope this guide has provided you with a clear understanding of what Flipside is and how you can effectively use this feature. Before you head off, check out the meaning of the Instagram order of followers.

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