How to Disable Instagram Reels

An image of Reels on Instagram on an iPhone - disable

An image of Reels on Instagram on an iPhone - disable

Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer an official option to turn off Reels, similar to YouTube, which also lacks a feature to disable Shorts. This limitation has led users to seek unofficial methods to disable Instagram Reels. Fortunately, there are some effective alternatives available.

Many people find Instagram Reels annoying for a few reasons. They are distracting, and once you start watching one, you might find yourself scrolling to watch more. Also, some Reels may have content that is inappropriate or just plain cringe-worthy, which you might prefer to avoid.

In this guide, we'll explore several strategies to help you disable Instagram Reels, so you can enjoy a more tailored and distraction-free browsing experience on the platform. But, before that, make sure you turn off the Meta AI on Instagram first.

Three Ways to Disable Instagram Reels

As mentioned above, Instagram does not offer a direct option to disable Reels. However, you can still achieve this by using various methods, including third-party extensions or apps. We will explore all these options in detail below.

WallHabit App

A straightforward method to disable Instagram Reels is to use WallHabit, which is an app designed to help you manage your digital habits more effectively.

WallHabit allows users to block specific features within apps, such as Instagram Reels, helping to reduce distractions and increase productivity. Unfortunately, the app is available only for Android at the moment.

Third-Party Extensions

Another method to disable Instagram Reels is through the use of third-party extensions. However, this solution is only applicable for users who use Instagram on browsers.

A quick search in the Chrome Web Store will reveal several extensions designed to disable YouTube Shorts. IGPlus is the most popular extension that allows us to disable many Instagram features, including Reels.

Provide Feedback to Meta

The final method to consider for disabling Instagram Reels is to submit feedback to Meta, requesting they provide an option to remove Reels from the platform.

While the chances of that happening are very slim, given that Reels has become an integral part of the platform, there is no harm in trying. The more feedback, the better, so encourage your friends and family also to provide feedback.

With that, we are wrapping up our guide on how to disable Instagram Reels. We hope you found this article informational. Before heading off, learn how to like a Note on Instagram.

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