How to delete a BeReal - the app explained

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how to delete a bereal
Credit: BeReal

The BeReal app is an attempt to add some authenticity to social media by having users post unfiltered pictures of themselves once a day. However, even though it goes against the app’s message, many users want to know how to delete their BeReal posts.

Deleting posts might not match the spirit of the app but some people can’t help themselves. Sometimes, we take a picture and don’t realize that something unflattering is in the image. Reasons like that are why certain users want to delete their posts, even if it makes them a little less honest.


So, for those that are willing to go against the grain or simply want to fix their mistakes, here’s what we know about deleting a BeReal.

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Can you delete a BeReal?

Yes, you can delete your BeReal. Even though the company wants people to share honest pictures of themselves, the app offers fairly easy ways to delete their posts. It’s fairly amusing to see this option in an app about authenticity but that’s what people want.

When using the app, users have a two-minute period to take different photos and post them. If you don’t like the picture you took of yourself, users are allowed to delete their first take and get ready for another within the time period.


However, those that don’t like their BeReal and want to see it erased from the app have another easy option. Simply find the post that you aren’t proud of, tap the three dots (...), and wait for the pop-up window to appear. Once the window is open, simply scroll down and find the “Delete my BeReal” option.

Now users know how to delete their BeReal and lie to the app about honest posts. For those that want to know more about the app, here’s how to know if someone screenshotted your BeReal and how to see BeReal posts without posting.