Snapchat Plus Rewatch: How To Check Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch Count

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Snapchat Plus Rewatch
Credit: Snap Inc.

The Snapchat Plus rewatch feature is part of the new premium offering from Snapchat, as they attempt to capitalise on their return to popularity. As a Snapchat plus user, you will get to enjoy exclusive features like Snapchat Plus planets, customisable app icons/themes, the ability to use Snapchat on PC and more.

Today, we are going to talk about the Snapchat Plus rewatch feature. What is it, and how do you use it? And what exactly is Snapchat Plus?

We'll explain everything you need to know. And if you have ever wanted to know how many times your friends are watching your videos, you can finally find out.

How To Check Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch Count

Once you've signed up to Snapchat Plus, you'll be able to access the rewatch count. And this is how you do it:

  • Share a Story on Snapchat as you normally would. Wait for the views to start rolling in.
  • As long as the Story has had more than one view, you'll see a pair of eyes emoji.
  • Tap on the Story, then swipe up. The number next to the eyes emoji counts how many friends have rewatched the Story, rather than the total number of times it has been rewatched. In other words, if one friend watches your Story ten times, it will only count as one rewatch.
  • This will also let you see the name of the friends who have rewatched a Story.

As we mentioned earlier, this feature is only available on Snapchat Plus. But what exactly is this, and what else do you get for your money?

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What Is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat logo in a range of designs - Snapchat Plus rewatch
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Credit: Snap Inc.

As we stated before, Snapchat is looking to capitalise on a resurgence n its popularity. As such, Snapchat Plus is a premium service, which users can subscribe to for £3.99/$3.99 a month.

In return, they get access to exclusive, experimental and pre-release features.

The exclusive features Snapchat Plus currently offers are as follows:

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How To Get Snapchat Plus

If these sound like the sort of features you absolutely cannot live without, then it's very simple to subscribe to Snapchat Plus:

  • Go to your Profile
  • Tap on the Snapchat+ banner card at the top
  • Choose a subscription to start your 7-day free trial

At the time of writing, Snapchat Plus is available in the following countries:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

It remains to be seen how popular this service is going to be. It's fair to say though, that not everyone is a fan...


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