How to boost snapscore by 24,000 points within an hour

How to boost your snapscore quickly - An image of the snapscore within the app

How to boost your snapscore quickly - An image of the snapscore within the app

On Snapchat, possessing a high snapscore is akin to wearing a badge of honor. Therefore, it's no surprise that many users are looking for effective snapscore booster techniques that can quickly boost their score.

We have encountered Snapchat score hacks that can raise your Snapscore by 1,000 points, and we have explored the Snapchat Multiplier feature, an exclusive benefit for Snapchat Plus subscribers that doubles their score.

Now, we're excited to unveil a technique capable of skyrocketing your score by an impressive 24,000 points within just an hour - a consistently proven effective method. But, before that, check out Tiny Snaps.

How to boost your snapscore by 24,000 points within an hour

To increase your snapscore by 24,000 points in an hour, you need to send multi-snaps to as many people as you can. This method is popular on Reddit, with many users sharing that they've quickly seen a big jump in their Snapchat score by doing this.

Here's how to boost your Snapchat score by 24,000 points within an hour:

  • Start by searching online for spam groups that focus on Snapchat engagement. A good place to find such groups is on Reddit, particularly the r/snapchatstreaks subreddit, where users are open to increasing their snap scores through frequent exchanges.
  • After joining these groups and adding people willing to participate in snap exchanges, organize your new contacts for efficiency. Labeling them from "Spam 1" to "Spam 50" (or however many you add) simplifies the process of sending snaps en masse.
  • Utilise the multi-snap feature, which allows you to send up to 8 snaps at once on Android and up to 10 on iOS, to all the accounts you've labeled for spam. By doing so, you can earn between 400 to 500 Snapchat score points for every multi-snap sent.
  • By dedicating an hour to this process and continuously sending multi-snaps to your organized list of contacts, achieving a boost of 24,000 points in your Snapchat score is attainable, based on personal experience and specific device capabilities.

For every multi-snap you send out, your Snapchat score increases by 8 points. If you target 50 people with each round of multi-snaps, you're looking at a 400-point increase in your score (50 people multiplied by 8 points per person).

Now, if we assume it takes approximately one minute to complete this process, the amount of time you invest directly correlates with your overall score increase. For example, dedicating 15 minutes to this activity could see your Snapchat score rise by 6,000 points.

If you decide to extend your effort to 30 minutes, your score could jump by 12,000 points. Pushing further to 45 minutes could net you an 18,000-point increase, and committing a full hour could elevate your score by an impressive 24,000 points.

With that, we are wrapping up our guide on how to boost your snapscore by 24,000 points within an hour. Before heading off, check out whether your snap score can go up without being on Snapchat.

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